Certfications & "Belts"

I'm happy to offer Lean Comedy "belts" and certifications to willing students (willing = willingness to pay, of course).

Lean Comedy certification MAY be covered by your humor insurance, so please check for pre-authorization before signing up for certification.

Levels of Certification

Lean Comedy certification follows a simple process. While "Lean Six Sigma" has "belts," we don't wear belts in the operating room. Our scrubs have drawstrings, so the levels of Lean Comedy certification reflect this. We save time by abbreviating drawstring as DS.

The levels are named after the pecking order of experts in a hospital, as you'll see below. 

1) Tech Drawstring

This is the lowest level of certification.

2) Nurse Drawstring

Some Tech DSs will progress to being a Nurse DS. Be careful though, as Nurse DSs often eat their young.

3) PA Drawstring

Some will progress to the coveted PA DS level. You can perform almost all of the same comedy as an MD DS, but you won't be respected for it and you are not able to ever take the MD DS certification exam.

4) MD Drawstring

This is a very highly acclaimed Lean Comedy certification, requiring a comedy residency and many years of sub-standard pay.

5) Surgeon Drawstring

This is an even more highly coveted certification, since a Surgeon DS is clearly more skilled than a regular old MD DS

6) Clear Belt

The penultimate level of Lean Comedy certification actually involves a belt... but it is clear. I am still working toward this certification under the tutelage of Dr. Steven Wright

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