Monday, February 9, 2015

#Lean Limerick Contest

So KaiNexus is doing a Lean Haiku contest or something.

I prefer limericks.

Here is my first:
There once was a nurse from Nantucket 
Was jumping through hoops, and said “F--- it” 
She put her idea 
in suggestion box 
But her leaders were a bunch of… top down command-and-control managers who didn’t listen to their employees, which was further demoralizing and exacerbated the existing quality and patient safety problems, not to mention the cost crisis, but now I'm rambling...
Tweet at me with your #LeanLimerick and use that hashtag thingy. I might award a prize... but I'd hate to destroy your intrinsic motivation.

1 comment:

  1. 5S never goes unrewarded,
    (not that 'Wasters' should be water-boarded).
    With LEAN here to stay,
    You can’t sit there and say,
    “But we need all this stuff, it’s not hoarded!”